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Outdoor Entertaining with a Small Balcony

This year, my husband and I decided to revamp our outdoor balcony and make it into a warm, inviting space for the summer. We had to do some huge overhauling (stay tuned for the tutorial!!) and thanks to The Home Depot, we were able to make it happen just as the warm weather started rolling in.

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DIY Desk Calendar

Having a desk calendar is something I’ve been wanting to create but kept putting off - because let’s face it, we have a habit of checking our phones for the date or asking Alexa.. well at least I can say I am guilty of these things! This year I want to connect with the things around me more, which means less time constantly checking my phone and figured this would be a great DIY to help me with my compulsive phone checking!

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DIY Rustic Mantel or Shelf (Simple Pallet Furniture)

As long as I can remember, I wanted a mantle in my house. With this entryway remodel and some scrap wood (and hooks) I finally made that dream into a reality. Although this mantle isn't attached to a fireplace, it is attached to hooks that is SO needed in my entryway right about now. If you have some scrap wood (or not) this project is totally for you. Before we get started.. just a little fun fact: The pallet wood is the same wood I made my barn doors with! The 1x3 is also left over from the storage unit! haha. Don't let any wood go to waste, people!! Ok now, let's get started.

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Wood Projects: DIY Hand Painted Sign

As you all know based on last week's post, I'm working on redecorating my (used to be) crusty and dusty entryway. I started with the DIY Stairs makeover and now I'm creating some decor for the walls.

I wanted to make something that's encouraging to my family as we come and go as well as others as they enter our home. When I stumbled upon this scripture in Romans I immediately knew this needed to be a piece of art.

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Pumpkin Painting Ideas | Dollar Tree DIY Pumpkin Designs

Guys, can you believe this pumpkin is that ugly foam pumpkin from Dollar Tree?! This is completely FAKE.. or FAUX if you wanna be chic & fancy. haha. I truly didn't expect the pumpkins to come out THIS GOOD. Sorry I'm using so many caps in this post. Can you tell I'm so excited? This blog post won't just cover one, but TWO designs!! Oh yeah.

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Staircase Renovation: Makeover Your Stairs for Under $80!

I wanted to make over my staircase since it was reallllyyyyy UGLY! Haha. I have no nice words for how the staircase looked before. I got the bug to redecorate since our entryway was the first thing you saw, but let me backtrack. The "entryway" is more of a landing on the top of our stairs cluttered with shoes and toys my kids regularly throws over the baby gate. It wasn't a good first impression so I decided to finally do something about it.

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Learn to Weave: 3 Basic Weaving Patterns for Beginners

In this post learn 3 Basic Weaving Pattern Techniques which will help you create an array of different wall hangings. Learning to Weave is NOT hard at all. You can DIY your own weaving loom for a few dollars and purchase some yarn at your craft store to make this beauty!

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DIY Moss Decorative Letters

DIY Your own Moss Decorative Letters. These can be hung on a jumbo wreath (as pictured below), or events such as weddings. See how I used these decorative letters with the wedding arch in this post! You're probably thinking this is such an involved process, but I assure you with a little time & a great show, you'll be done in no time! Let's get started!!!

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DIY Plaster Flower Vase

Who would have thought plaster, a balloon, and some paint would create such a gorgeous masterpiece?! This DIY Flower Vase is so gorgeous, and looks delicious, too! (cake pops anyone??) haha. This flower vase can be made for weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, or any event you choose! Curious how I made my gorgous DIY Plaster Flower Vase? Keep on reading...

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DIY Planters | Plaster of Paris Succulent Planters

DIY Planters | Plaster of Paris Succulent Planters. The warm weather says Spring is here and with Spring I love making brightly colored DIYs! In this post, I'm going to show you how to make these adorable DIY Planters you can give away as a gift or use as a party party favor.. I mean, who doesn't love Succulent Planters? Okay, I know they're cacti but same difference, right?

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Renter Friendly Chalkboard Wall In 30 Minutes!

I wanted a sleep area, a play area, and a learning area for my boys so I decided to install this GIANT chalkboard wall in under 30 minutes. Want to know how you can do this yourself? Keep on reading . . .

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