About Kell

DIY Blogger

I’m Nickell Morgan. I know what you might be thinking - how could her parents possibly name her after money?? haha. It’s pronounced (Knee-Kell) - think fancy Nickel or a french person saying “Nickel” BUT you can call me Kell  for short :)

I’m an Island girl turned artist who moved to the Big Apple with even bigger dreams back when I was 10. Ever since I can remember, I was always creating something! These days you will find me making anything ranging from Easter egg crafts, to painting, or building furniture!

I’m OBSESSED with God, soft fuzzy socks, my kiddos (and husband, of course!), and sweets! Gimme ALL the glazed donuts! Yummm

I always wanted to own my own business but to be honest I was afraid to take the leap! Just a few years ago, you could have found me at a multi-million dollar corporation running from meeting to meeting with doctors and other researchers. I landed the job where others would kill to be, but at the end of the day - it was not what I was passionate about

With the support of my husband, I decided to leave my “dream job” and step into what I was born to do - creating things.. which absolutely terrified me.

  I should have known that the little girl who climbed the hibiscus tree in her front yard in St. Maarten, picking the flowers and crushing them to make “red paint” would end up being an artist one day.

Kell with her husband Donald and twin boys Donald and Ephraim

Kell with her husband Donald and twin boys Donald and Ephraim

Right now I’m probably shedding pounds running after my twin boys or covered in paint in my living room, excited to share my next DIY project with you!

Do you want to know what really brings a smile to my face?! Seeing *the* look on someones face when they finally complete a project they've put their blood, sweat, and tears into or reading a message from one of you saying how much you’ve been inspired to create something you never knew you could do. I love that and it fuels me to do better every. single. day.

I'm also fueled by the love of my family. I know it may sound cliche but I seriously couldn't do all of this without them.