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The Loom: How to Make a Weaving Loom



When I discovered weaving and weaving looms, I immediately knew this is something I had to make. I instantly fell in love with the history and rich culture behind it and was so fascinated by it!

Woman Making Fabric with a massive weaving loom in Asia

Woman Making Fabric with a massive weaving loom in Asia

Did you know wayyy back in the day our ancestors used to make a loom and weaved their own fabric? I mean imagine making a gorgeous pattern and cutting it to make a shirt, or a skirt, or a blanket!! WHAT? I loved that idea and knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Now I wish I was the genius who found a way to make this loom but I got my inspiration from Pinterest. Let's start making this loom shall we?


Materials You'll Need for this Project:
1x2's (cut in 2 12-inch pieces and 2 18-inch pieces)
8 1.5-inch screws

Difficulty: Easy

Additional Tools Needed:
Drill & Drill Bit and Screw

how to make a weaving loom

I took the two longest 1x2’s and laid the shorter ones on top.


I clamped the corners together, drilled a pilot hole, then drilled the screw. Notice that I have 2 screws on each corner to secure the wood in place. I actually recommend doing this from the bottom so you don't see the screws but of course I didn't notice that in time.

how to make a loom

Next up let’s add the nails. I found the center of the wood and marked lines 1/4 inch apart. I do wish I went slightly bigger to 1/3 inch since I like the looser weave look better. If you like the tighter weave, then 1/4 is perfect for you! Once I have the marks down, I erased in between the lines for a cleaner look and added the wire nails to each mark. I did this on both sides.

weaving loom diy

I didn’t like that the wood looked dirty so I painted the loom with a gray milk paint and sealed it with poly and let it dry.


Making this loom isn't hard but it is pretty time consuming - especially when you get to hammering in the nails. I'd suggest watching your fav show and hammer away! I was binging on the Handmaid's Tale when watching this and GUYS!!! You NEED to watch that show if you haven't already!

Are you ready to start weaving? Check out this post to learn how to actually use that gorgeous loom you just created.

Want to watch a video on how I made the loom? Check it out here.

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