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DIY Wedding Centerpiece on a Budget (Part 2)

Happy New Year!

What better way to keep that resolution to save more money than incorporating more DIY projects in your life? Not only will this project save you at least a couple hundred (even a few thousand), your wallet, and hubby (or wifey) will thank you!

This DIY Wedding Centerpiece is extremely easy to execute and in this post, I show you exactly how I do it.

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How To Make Wedding Invitations at Home

Designer wedding invitations can cost a TON of money!

This is exactly why I opted to make my own wedding invitations way back in the day when I was getting married in 2010. I was in college, and hubby and I were paying for the entire wedding on our own so we definitely needed to save our pennies wherever we could!

Fast forward a bit - I owned and let go of an invitation company and I've learned how to create beautiful and sturdy invitations along the way.. from a ton of trial and error.. fast forward again, and here I am.. sharing my secrets with you!

Interested in saving hundreds of dollars on wedding invitations? Read on, my friend..

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