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DIY Conversation Heart Piñatas | DIY Valentine's Day Gift

diy valentine's day gift

DIY Conversation Heart Piñata | Valentine’s Day Gift

I wanted a festive way to celebrate valentine’s day with my littles so I decided to give them these little mini pinatas, and let me tell you they LOVE them!! I came up with this idea over a year ago and I’m so excited to finally share it with you guys! Oh, did I mention I got pretty much all of these materials from the dollar tree?! WIN, WIN!!

Materials Needed For This Project:

Cardboard box
Crepe Paper
Masking Tape
Heart Template (download it FREE below)
Width Template (download it FREE below!)

Tools Needed For This Project:

Blade/Box Cutter (optional)
Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Herb Scissors (optional)


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diy heart pinata
heart pinata

The first thing you’ll need to do is download and print out the heart template (linked above) or print out a heart you find online. After you’ve found the the perfect heart, cut out two of them out of regular ‘ol cardboard. I found It was easier to use a blade then go back with scissors to perfect and refine the heart.

I taped the hearts together then cut any overlap so they’re virtually identical to each other.

how to make a pinata

Next, I cut out 2 inch cardboard strips and ran my fingers across to make it more pliable.

After you have enough strips to go around the perimeter of the heart, I taped the strip on the outer part of the heart and left a 3ish inch gap on one side. I’m using painters tape for this tutorial but I really recommend using masking tape - I just used what I had on hand.

how to make a pinata

I taped on the other side until I had something that looked like this. As you can see, I left the hole at the bottom then I took a separate piece of cardboard, cut it to the size of the hole and set that to the side.

diy pinata

Next, I moved onto the fringe. I got some crepe paper from dollar tree and used a herb scissor to make the fringe. It was pretty cool but I couldn’t layer up the crepe paper. I had to cut it in a single layer which can be very time consuming.

diy valentine's day gift

Once I had the fringe cut, I took some glue and pasted the fringe on the heart working from the bottom to top. I tried using the Dollar Tree glue sticks and lemme tell you it sucked.. so I ended up gluing the crepe paper with rubber cement.

how to make a heart pinata

When I was done with the front, I moved onto the sides like you see here.

valentine's day pinata

Make sure to glue fringe to the small cardboard piece, too! Don’t forget that.

diy valentine's day gift
diy conversation heart pinata

I didn’t like how you could still kind of see the tape in the front so I glued some extra fringe on the top edge and then re-added fringe to the top. You can see how it looks like with this one right here. In hindsight, I would have glued these first THEN went in horizontally on the side.

diy conversation heart pinata

After the fringe is done, I glued letters down making phrases I wanted in the front of the heart and also made one large and one small ribbon piece for each of the hearts.

diy valentine's day gift
how to make a heart pinata
diy conversation heart pinatas

I glued the larger ribbon on the top then went ahead and filled the piñata with a little candy and decorative paper that I also got from dollar tree (score!).

diy conversation heart pinatas

I took the cardboard piece, glued on some tape to the fringe side then glued the skinnier ribbon to the top. I then glued the tape to the inside of the heart which forms the flap and used some scotch tape to tape the flap shut. I didn’t use a heavy duty tape since I want it to be able to open easily. that little ribbon is what they’ll pull to open the actual piñata. I also put some scotch tape on the sides as well for a little added security and that was it!!

how to make a heart pinata
how to make a heart pinata

I hope you like these conversation heart pinatas! I think they’re really cute for Valentine’s Day and it’s super affordable!! As a bonus tip, you can totally propose to someone using this.. (HINT: check out the video!!). I also brought my sons along to show off these pinatas and aren’t they just SO ADORABLE?! Ugh, I love them.

PS: These are totally adorable for parties, bridal showers, mother’s day, etc. not just valentine’s day! Take this idea and run with it. :D

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