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Renter Friendly Chalkboard Wall In 30 Minutes!

I wanted to make a sleep area, play area, and a learning area for my boys so I knew exactly what to do with this gorgeous wallpaper that WallPops sent to me! This is a sponsored post, but of course I will only endorse brands I actually love and genuinely use! I especially love their wallpaper since the process is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Tools Needed for this Project:

  • Smoothing Tool & Blade



Materials Needed for this project:

  • WallPops Chalkboard NuWallpaper
  • Foam stippling brush optional
  • Craft Paint (dark blue, purple, fuchsia, light blue, white) optional


The wallpaper comes in clear packaging so I removed the roll from the tube and peeled it from the protective backing (think of it as a giant sticker).


I placed it on the wall using the smooth tool that wallpops sells (think of it as removing air bubbles from a screen protector) and used the cutting blade to clean up the wallpaper by my baseboards. Just as a note, if your walls are bumpy/lumpy (like mine) it will show, so I suggest sanding down the walls if you want a smooth finish!

I installed this 8ft x 10ft wall in about 30 minutes.


I wanted to up the look of the chalkboad so I decided to paint the top portion of the chalkboard to suit the galaxy theme of my boys' room

My boys LOVED their new room, especially their new chalkboard walls! I draw letters, pictures, numbers, shapes, etc. and they have so much fun identifying everything!

Thank you, WallPops for giving me this opportunity to make such an oasis for my boys. We're absolutely thrilled that they love it.

As a thank you for reading, WallPops was so generous to give you 30% off of your purchase by using the coupon code Simply30 (this is case sensitive). This code is valid thru May 2018.

Want to see my boys' reaction for yourself? Watch this video!

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