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DIY Moss Decorative Letters

DIY Your own Moss Decorative Letters. These can be hung on a jumbo wreath (as pictured below), or events such as weddings. See how I used these decorative letters with the wedding arch in this post! You're probably thinking this is such an involved process, but I assure you with a little time & a great show, you'll be done in no time! Let's get started!!!

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DIY Plaster Flower Vase

Who would have thought plaster, a balloon, and some paint would create such a gorgeous masterpiece?! This DIY Flower Vase is so gorgeous, and looks delicious, too! (cake pops anyone??) haha. This flower vase can be made for weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, or any event you choose! Curious how I made my gorgous DIY Plaster Flower Vase? Keep on reading...

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DIY Wedding Menu Template

Having a gorgeous wedding isn't about spending big money.. I feel it's in the little details that come together to make up a beautiful wedding. This blog post will show you a DIY Wedding Menu Template.. where you can take this idea and tailor it to your event. Sure it may be tedious but if it can save you hundreds or even thousands I feel it's totally worth it!

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DIY Clay Trinket Dish (Anthropologie Inspired)

I made this trinket dish inspired by Anthropologie's (way too expensive) dish. I just needed something to hold my rings while I washed dishes or a little trinket dish to hold my jewelry I was wearing the next day to match my outfit. Nothing fancy and nothing that cost Anthropologie money so I decided to make my own DIY Clay Trinket Dish!

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DIY Jewelry Organizer

Are you that kind of person that has a lot of Jewelry - maybe in a box or clumped together in a plastic bag like I did? LOL. I knew it was time for a change so made this DIY Jewelry organizer out of a few pieces of wood and command strips. This Jewelry Organizer was one of the BEST DIY's I've made to help keep me nice and organized.

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DIY Planters | Plaster of Paris Succulent Planters

DIY Planters | Plaster of Paris Succulent Planters. The warm weather says Spring is here and with Spring I love making brightly colored DIYs! In this post, I'm going to show you how to make these adorable DIY Planters you can give away as a gift or use as a party party favor.. I mean, who doesn't love Succulent Planters? Okay, I know they're cacti but same difference, right?

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Art | Metallic Gold Contemporary Art (Plus a FREE Printable!)

Art | Metallic Gold Contemporary Art. This Gold Contemporary Art Piece was inspired by God and I hope it blesses you as you see the process. The copper-ish gold is just so luxurious looking and it’s sure to make a statement in your home. What I love about it most is that this contemporary art piece will shine differently depending on the angle it’s viewed.

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DIY Wedding Ceremony Backdrop (No Tools Required!)

Weddings can be expensive BUT you don't have to break the bank to make gorgeous decor that doesn't look handmade! This post will show you all you need to know to make a gorgeous, eye catching backdrop for your ceremony!

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DIY Wedding Centerpiece with Dollar Tree Frames!

These wedding centerpiece is my personal favorite of all three of the wedding centerpieces I created. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's very economical! Want to know how you can make our own? Click to read more!

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Renter Friendly Chalkboard Wall In 30 Minutes!

I wanted a sleep area, a play area, and a learning area for my boys so I decided to install this GIANT chalkboard wall in under 30 minutes. Want to know how you can do this yourself? Keep on reading . . .

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DIY Wedding Centerpiece on a Budget (Part 2)

Happy New Year!

What better way to keep that resolution to save more money than incorporating more DIY projects in your life? Not only will this project save you at least a couple hundred (even a few thousand), your wallet, and hubby (or wifey) will thank you!

This DIY Wedding Centerpiece is extremely easy to execute and in this post, I show you exactly how I do it.

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DIY Wedding Centerpiece on a Budget (Part 1)

Are you curious how you can make your own wedding centerpieces? You don't have to be a master florist to have the centerpiece of your dreams! Before you click away, hear me out! It's not difficult at all to make centerpieces for your wedding. You will be surprised. Curious how you can save thousands of dollars? Keep on reading...

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How To Make Wedding Invitations at Home

Designer wedding invitations can cost a TON of money!

This is exactly why I opted to make my own wedding invitations way back in the day when I was getting married in 2010. I was in college, and hubby and I were paying for the entire wedding on our own so we definitely needed to save our pennies wherever we could!

Fast forward a bit - I owned and let go of an invitation company and I've learned how to create beautiful and sturdy invitations along the way.. from a ton of trial and error.. fast forward again, and here I am.. sharing my secrets with you!

Interested in saving hundreds of dollars on wedding invitations? Read on, my friend..

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