Simply Handmade Brand Collaborations

I use products from brands in unconventional ways that consumers may not think about. This creates diversity for the product and brand as a whole, providing customers with alternative uses for an item/product! DIY Tutorials are so popular and I personally film and edit content to the brand's satisfaction. Thank you for your consideration in collaborating with Simply Handmade!

The Home Depot

I collaborated with Home Depot for their 2018 Halloween Style Challenge. I created a spooky Halloween scene using products from my local Home Depot and created a blog post with high-quality imagery and step-by-step instructions for their audience. Click here to see blog post.



I collaborated with WallPops and incorporated their products in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos as well as a dedicated video for their featured product (Chalkboard Wallpaper). Images were also provided for their use and promotion on social media platforms.

Palm Leaf Art
In this project, their Palm Frond wall decal was transformed and used in an unconventional way to create a DIY Tray, Wall Art, and a removable table runner.

Renter-Friendly Chalkboard Wall
WallPops wanted to feature their chalkboard wall, so I created a video demonstrating the installation process as well as an idea to customize the wallpaper to fit the theme of a child's room. My twin boys were incorporated in the video to show consumers how this chalkboard wall can be functional and fun.


Cork Board World Map
Cork Board World Maps are very popular and I wanted to put my own spin on the project using Wallpops' peel and stick option. I customized the cork to fit the aesthetic of my home and made a custom backing and frame to tie the project together.


Kid/Pet TeePee Tent (A Frame Tent)
For this project, I used WallPops tapestry to create a tent functional for small kids and pets alike. I demonstrated how to manipulate the fabric to drape it over a customized frame, which can be folded for easy storage. The intention of this project was to have a functioning tent while having a storage option that is perfect for rentals and small spaces! - 3D Wall Panels

Backdrop for Photography:
CSI Wall Panels provided me with their 3D Wall Tiles and gave me complete creative freedom to design and create anything of my choosing.  I determined what would be frequently searched (3D walls, photography backdrop, etc.) and created a video based around what would be more searchable - in this case DIY Photo Backdrop.